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About Mathew


Mathew is a result oriented Brand builder with proven skills in multiple business categories such as Manufacturing, Trading, FMCG, Financial Services and Industrial products. He has absolutely traded his employee mentality to ownership mentality and became successful in many areas of business life.

Mathew has spent more than 20 years in the Middle East, before immigrating to Canada. Now for the past 5 years, he had led teams of various organisations in an effort to turn them around financially. Recently he has accomplished 2 successful Management Change and turning around of organizations.

In Canada, Mathew sparheaded as a business owner in the financial services Industry creating a team of licensed Investment and Insurance agents under him. He also worked with AMEX Bank of Canada as a Project Manager in the area of Audit.

He excelled as a strategic Consumer marketer, with many accomplishments under his belt. In the previous assignments, he led teams with multinational background in different geographical areaas.  He is a team leader who accomplished Successful comletion of projects with his various skills such as Project management, relationship builder with a keen analytical mind.