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About Michael

As a business owner myself and father of three kids,  I know all too well how the financial pressures can bear down on business owners. And so I made it my priority to find a way to assist other business owners like me.


My parents were bank managers and I am fortunate to have been taught by them nearly everything there is about the essentials of finance.

I really enjoy business and always keep my mind open to great new ways I can help people. After serving Canadians as a Financial Advisor and feeling very comfortable in that space, I decided to join Fifo Capital as I wanted to help other small businesses with their funding needs. Fifo Capital has unique methods to help businesses with their greatest problem – cash flow – and this really excited me!

I take the time to get to know everyone I work with and I treat every person I come across as a valuable relationship. I strongly believe relationships are built on trust.There is always value I can share with the person sitting across from me and I like to be transparent and tell the truth even if it hurts! I believe that is the only way to serve people.

Time is limited and life is short and I don’t like to waste either of them. But nothing drives me more than helping people and making a difference.