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Meet Dale and Nathan, the names behind Quotient. It’s a super-successful online quoting system at that’s redefining the humble quote.

Dale and Nathan
Quotient founders, Dale Vink (L) and Nathan Carter (R).

When you think of powerful cloud software, Hamilton probably doesn’t come to mind. Yet this city (an hour’s drive south of Auckland), affectionately known as ‘The Tron’, has a thriving tech community. One of its shining stars is Quotient. They won Xero’s Emerging Add-On Partner of the year award in 2012 and were regional winner of the Rising Star, Deloitte Fast 50 awards in 2015.

Before focusing on Quotient, Dale and Nathan built a successful web design, application and software development company, with an ever-expanding team.

Using creativity to solve problems

They’d always enjoyed using creativity to solve their own and clients’ problems. And they excelled when using their complementary skills to build micro systems to make the work lives of their team and clients more efficient.
The system that shined brightest was their online quote system. Their prospects and clients were exposed to it daily, and they loved what they saw. “They often told us that we won their projects based on our innovative quotes,” says Nathan.

These quotes were their point of difference, making them look like serious players. Which got them thinking, the first piece of collateral that a prospect or client is exposed to is the humble quote. It really is the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression, yet so many people treat quotes like a ‘necessary evil’ versus an opportunity to shine and make a great first impression.

“The quoting stage of a business’s workflow interests us because there’s so much potential wrapped up in these little good fortune notices. Helping businesses to save time, be more organised, make more money and look super-professional, is something that really excited us,” says Dale.

Taking an in-house quoting system to the world

Dale and Nathan got to a point financially in their business where they had the luxury of looking at a bigger challenge. They wanted to put both their skills to use and create something that would put a larger dent in the world, something to live on its own esteem.

“There is something good about sharing an idea and seeing people genuinely interested in it. It becomes personal and worthwhile,” says Nathan

After some soul searching and countless client requests to turn their quote system into a standalone product, Dale and Nathan decided to make it available to everyone. They knew it was going to take a lot of time and it’s hard to justify the expense, but they’ve never been driven by money.

The challenge to create a game-changing piece of software, to make businesses look more professional and gain efficiencies really excited them.

“The intention behind our decision was good; to put power in the customer’s hands. We feel that with anything with a little bit of magic tied to it, has far greater potential than just money. We’re more interested in leverage – doing something that has a bigger impact. And we had a belief in ourselves,” says Dale.

They handed the management of their growing web design business over to their team and devoted every waking hour to making what would become Quotient.

On a sunny day in December 2011, after a year of intense development, they quietly released Quotient and crossed their fingers.
“We spent a year working purely on Quotient. There was no deadline but plenty of effort. It was a slow, agonising start, thanks largely to our bootstrapped approach—no big marketing budgets here—but then once the sales needle moved steadily upwards, it showed no signs of slowing. Happy customers were helping spread the word about Quotient,” says Dale.

A favourite feedback of theirs is from a customer called Dan: “If these guys made beer it would probably be the tastiest beer around. But instead they make bloody great quoting software that gets jobs accepted. Well done.”

It sums them up nicely too. Despite their success, they’re everyday guys where little fazes them. Like when Xero launched their quote functionality. Quotient integrates with Xero, and in the early days a lot of their customers were also Xero customers (many still are). The Xero integration was instrumental to their early growth.

But what many customers found, including returning defectors, is nobody does quotes like Quotient. When you specialise in one thing and do it really well, it’s hard to compete with that depth of thinking, design, quality and intuitive approach that simply makes life better and ultimately more profitable.

Quotient has a growing list of integrations with other apps including Intuit’s QuickBooks Online, Insightly, Capsule, and MailChimp, with more on the way. Integrations with appropriate apps can be real time savers. For instance, when a Quotient quote is accepted online, it automatically appears inside Xero as a draft invoice. Then all you need to do is approve and send it to your client. No more double-handling or cross checking. It’s all done for you.
Fast-forward to 2015 when they sold their web company to a local competitor to concentrate on making Quotient the best online quoting system on the planet. To date, nearly 2,000 businesses (and growing every day) around the world agree with them.
“It’s a positive affirmation that we’re doing something right,” says Dale.


Use Quotient anywhere from any device.

What has inspired you?

“Making awesome software. Apple’s approach inspired us. They were willing to make a few hard design decisions for the benefit of the user experience as a whole,” says Nathan.

The book Re:work by the guys behind 37 Signals (most commonly Basecamp and Highrise) inspired them too. They had a scattergun approach to products, and developed one every three months, for a two-year period. Then one day they were only concentrating on Basecamp.

“We thought this was really interesting. We could apply what we had learnt and put this into another concept, and build something easier than starting from scratch. But that would only distract us from doubling customer numbers in Quotient. So it was great observing their journey and learning from it,” says Dale.

What’s your model?

“We’re bootstrapped – profitable and proud. Customers love what we do, so being self-funded has worked for us. If we had a much larger team to fund, this might be different.

“If we had investors they’d come with different priorities. But we will always be focused on our customers and developing the best quoting system for their needs, not shareholder goals, or profit, money or ROI. So as the product grows, it gives us more freedom to make our own choices,” says Dale and Nathan.

What’s your design and development methodology?

“We are design-centric. We hate clichés, but ‘keep it simple’ is a real driver for us. We started in graphic design and the emphasis back then was on fashion. Clients needed to look cool, but not necessarily be super-functional. We had a big shift in our thinking on what makes good design. Things have a natural flow and a good feel. You’re not sure why it feels good but it resonates with you,” says Dale.

“As we are smaller we can see through the layers – aesthetic design, and the engineering behind it, and how they combine to become a good user experience. So we started with a need ourselves and we had the ability to tie it all together as we are cross disciplined. Know the chain, how it works and why. In the end this makes each component stronger,” says Dale

“As companies get bigger those roles separate out and you may lose touch with that connection. So the advantage for us, by being small, is we get to touch everything and see it through to the end,” says Nathan.

With Quotient, Dale and Nathan are in a state of constant iteration. They have their update path and development plan. And they’ll often park things until the timing is right. So on one hand they aren’t constrained by time, like if they still had the web development clients with their deadlines. But everyone and everything is moving and innovating fast, so in that sense they are still under the pump to evolve and get their plans to the market as fast as possible.

Why do you do what you do today?

“Ultimately, we spend time on what truly matters to our end user. If we do a good job, and continue to make the product better, Quotient will sell itself. We’re not driven by money, because we are already pretty comfortable. We do what we do because it is exciting; we love making good stuff and delighting people; the human connection is important to us. Getting great feedback is exciting too,” says Dale.

“Being able to have a product in the marketplace that competes on the world stage. And being able to improve on it and work in an exciting industry is gratifying. The design and engineering side is personally rewarding for us, as well as not working for someone else,” says Nathan.

What big lessons have you learned?

“Learning how to manage feedback has been huge and knowing what requests to filter out. Email makes a hero out of anyone. (We all laugh.) So have a thick thin,” says Nathan, who handles customer care.

“Carve your own path and know what to focus on. For instance, we read a book and did everything opposite to it. So don’t necessarily follow what someone else is doing. Don’t assume the competition is doing it right. We have been caught looking elsewhere for validation. Just figure out what needs to be done for yourself; it’s the easiest path to where you are heading,” says Dale.

They’ve also learnt that you can’t be all things to all people; don’t get too hung up on stuff – just get it out there.

Would you do anything differently?

“We’re happy to admit we can always do things better or differently. Nothing is sacred here. But we keep it light as we have the same common goal. You have to give up some personal attachment or it would get on top of you,” says Dale.

What’s the vision for Quotient?

“The goal really is to continue making a great product that fulfills a big problem and gets more customers for our customers. If you focus on having a good product you don’t have to worry about money or being the biggest. It comes naturally. We like to help people make more money by being more professional and organised and saving them time,” says Dale.

“Quotient is still evolving. We’re working on some great features to make life even sweeter for our customers. We’re continuing with more software integrations and recently launched a range of quote examples for different industries, which is receiving a lot of positive feedback from our customers,” says Nathan.

After spending time with Dale and Nathan it’s like watching a combined, powerful mind where they finish each other’s sentences. They have a deep mental connection that shows in their work. They sense check everything with each other. Nothing is ever rushed. Everything that is in Quotient is there for a reason. They’re methodical and precise and it shows in the quality product that is Quotient. It’s a purity that is rarely witnessed in business.

  • Mark Edwards – Fifo Capital Business Partner

    “I had spent the best part of 20 years in finance before joining Fifo Capital, but never had any exposure to factoring/debtor finance. So when I chose to move into business ownership in a new area of finance to me, a franchise made sense. You are working with experienced people who have a vested interest in your success.

    The decision to join Fifo Capital has delivered beyond my wildest dreams. On the earnings front, by my sixth month in business I had already exceeded my goals for the first year and I hit the $1million mark in finance written for the month, in my 12th month. The average monthly business I have written for the last 12 months is $2.7M.

    It has absolutely exceeded all expectations. We have changed our lives – the hours we work, a house by the beach. The buy in cost for us has been returned many times over.

    But in saying that you only get out of it what you put into it. The fact that I had to go out and build the business was appealing. That’s the idea of business ownership; being independent and growing your own business. You do have to be a motivated self-starter in the Fifo Capital business, but the support is there when you need. The model, processes and support is fantastic.

    Fifo Capital delivers and the only cap on your earnings is how much effort you want to put in.”

  • Supporting your clients

    We help your clients in two equally important ways: (1) Through the fast (24 to 48 hour) delivery of required funds; and (2) By leading every transaction with one-on-one expert consultancy.

    Fast, flexible product range

    Designed for speed of response and flexibility, and supported by a comprehensive understanding of the security challenges businesses encounter throughout various stages of development and maturity, our finance solutions are designed for finance needs between one and 12 months.

    Invoice Finance
    Suitable for clients requiring assistance for ad hoc cash flow challenges that demand fulfilment within 24 to 48 hours. No fixed term contracts; secured by the value of the invoice/s; and for finance periods between one and three months. Click here for our Invoice Finance Solution Guide.

    Business Loans
    Suitable for clients who have a growth or operational need that requires a capital boost for a period of three to 12 months. Typically, a client has reached their traditional security limit with their bank and is seeking alternative options. Through analysis of business-performance, we identify a complement of security that appropriately services the finance required. Click here for our Business Loan Product Guide.

    Payment Plans
    Suitable for clients who either provide large one-off services or products to clients, or who want to attract new clients through cash-flow-friendly payment options. Fifo Capital payments plans enable a client to offer their customers a payment schedule for between three and 12 months. Click here for our Payments Plan Solution Guide.

    We also provide:

    Foreign Exchange
    Fifo Capital partners with leading international payments specialists HiFX to provide clients with a simple, secure way to send and receive international payments at preferential foreign exchange rates. Services include: Exchange Contracts; Spot and Forward; Multi-Currency Accounts; Market Orders and Currency Options. Click here to find out more.

    Expert consultancy

    With over 10 years supporting businesses, we know the value of expert, one-on-one consultancy. While new technology has spurred the advent of finance-online, we’re committed to pairing clients with a finance expert. Of course, we’ve embraced technology to hasten our processes and response times, and to continually enhance the experience for our clients. But the complexities of business finance, do and will continue to, require one-on-one interaction with an expert to achieve the best result, specific to the client’s needs. The value is in the results.

  • Fifo Capital Partners

    Fifo Capital Partners and their clients are supported by a range of benefits, including complimentary copies of Headway Magazine, and access to Fifo Capital Knowledge Centre assets.

    Headway Magazine

    The Fifo Capital quarterly magazine, which explores a range of relevant business themes at a macro level as well as practical insight for business owners. Accredited Partners are provided the opportunity to co-brand the magazine as a client-value add publication and for new business development marketing.

    Knowledge Centre

    Access the comprehensive knowledge-base of client-facing finance guides, eBooks and other resources. Incorporate, professional, relevant content in your regular client and prospect communications.

  • Working with our partners

    Our finance experts work in concert with professional services partners – accountants, bank managers, business brokers – to identify the most appropriate solution for client needs.

    We consult with you

    To the extent that you wish to and which is appropriate for the client, we work with you to identify the short-term solution that supports longer terms business objectives.

    We’re responsive

    We understand the need for immediacy and fast response. Whether a simple query or a transaction, we are available for your client’s needs on the day they arise.

    We keep you informed

    We respect the relationship you have with your client and support that via open communication throughout.

    We’re an expert sounding board

    If you ever need to review potential solutions, or talk through the tricky detail of a client scenario, we’re an expert sounding board. Our expertise is freely offered, complimentary and with no-obligation attached.

  • About Fifo Capital

    Fifo Capital provides short-term finance for business. Clients use our services to: (1) solve immediate cash flow challenges, and (2) to access capital needed to secure new opportunities or for business operations.  Since 2004, we have established more than 70 offices across New Zealand and Australia, and provided business owners with over $850 million in growth capital.

    The one-on-one difference

    Central to the solutions we provide is one-on-one consultancy. Our network of finance experts, meet with clients and spend time understanding their business in order to deliver a purpose-fit solution; a solution that solves the immediate finance need, and which is suitable for both the short and longer term success of the business. The complexities of business finance demand the one-on-one approach, and we continually see the value of this in the success of our clients.

    Working in partnership with banking facilities

    Clients seek the assistance of Fifo Capital for a short period of time when their bank is unable to help. Often this is due to their finance needs outpacing the traditional security options available; or where their need requires a response time that cannot be met by their bank. As Fifo Capital finance solutions are designed for these immediate short-term requirements, we can ‘solve the gap’ quickly for the window of time that the client falls outside of their bank’s criteria, for the specific finance need. Working in tandem with mainstream facilities ensures that clients can access funds for short-term business needs, without impacting the ongoing relationship with their bank.

    Expert solution solvers

    Very few businesses faced with an immediate finance need are best served by a vanilla solution. Our experience has highlighted that the value of a business finance expert tailoring a solution to a client’s specific needs is immeasurable. Our business finance experts are highly experienced, and have a wealth of knowledge about the mechanics, complexities and unique challenges and opportunities of different industries. This knowledge, coupled with one-on-one consultancy, means our experts are adept at quickly identifying purpose-fit finance solutions for clients.

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  • Terms and Conditions

    Fifo Capital understands time is critical when it comes to managing your cash flow – so our process is aimed to be as simple as possible.

    A Fifo Capital facility approval typically takes around 24 hours to set-up and depending on the required information supplied by customers, transfer of funds can take place in as little as four hours.

    The following covers the terms and conditions required for a four hour funds transfer to take place;

    1. Fifo Capital will tell the proposed client if the application is successful to receive funding. We can accept or reject the application at our sole and absolute discretion. If we accept the application the cash flow finance services will be provided solely in accordance with the documents we agree with the proposed client.
    2. Fifo Capital’s application consists of a number of forms, however, not limited to fully completed and signed; Application, Receivables Finance Facility Terms and Conditions, Guarantee, Offer to Sell, and Privacy Consent forms
    3. To be eligible for a four hour funds transfer in relation to an approved application, the proposed customer must request or apply to Fifo Capital in writing before 12noon on the same business day. Such a request doesn’t guarantee the transfer will take place or funds cleared in the customer’s bank account within the four hour period.
    4. Should a four hour funding transfer request be approved, such a transfer can only be facilitated on a business day. A transfer request is not available on public or bank holidays, or weekends.
    5. Four hour funding transfers may incur a fee as detailed within the application.
    6. Fifo Capital’s aligned banks or financial institutions have the right to reject a four hour funding transfer request. Fifo Capital and its aligned banks are not liable for any loss or damages resulting from a funding transfer request not taking place or funds being cleared within a four hour period.
    7. Fifo Capital is a franchise business operation. Fifo Capital Australia Pty LTD is the master franchisee and is therefore not responsible for the actions or inactions of its franchisees in relation to any funds transfer timing.
    8. Fifo Capital is not responsible for any loss or damages incurred or to be incurred by the would be or existing customer should a transfer not take place within or cleared funds not be received within a four hour period.
    9. Fifo Capital reserves the right to reject previously approved applications without notice and/or consultation.

    To find out more about the full terms and conditions relating to our 4 hour funds transfer please contact Fifo Capital on 1300 852 556